Connell, Thomas – Private

Of New Lane, Breightmet, Bolton, Lancashire. Reported as Thomas O’CONNELL in BJ&G, but as CONNELL in all military records.

Green, Victor Collins – Private

Son of the late Joseph Collins, orphaned when only five years old, he was taken out of the Fishpool Institution by Mr. Samuel Scowcroft, of Higher Barn Farm, Harwood, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Driver, Royal Field Artillery.

Holt, James Henry – Private

Son of Samuel and Susannah Holt, of 2, Lower Fold, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Home Service Only. Discharged as no longer physically fit for war service 18 December 1917 due to diabetes.

Kirkman, John – Private

Son of Arthur and Hannah Kirkman, of 303, Church Lane, Harwood, Turton, Lancashire. Formerly 3330, 4th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Home service only. Discharged as no longer physically fit for war service 05 April due to Chronic Nephritis 1917.

Monks, Charles Phethean – Lieutenant

Only son of the late John Phethean Monks, C.C., solicitor and clerk to Worsley District Council, and of Fanny Moiser Monks, of 35, Bolton Road, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. An Old Boy of Farnworth Grammar School.

Scowcroft, Edwin – Pioneer (Private)

Son of John and Alice Scowcroft, of 9, Davenport Fold, Harwood, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 189395, Royal Field Artillery. Formerly 75128, 21st Labour Company, King’s Liverpool Regiment. Severely wounded by a bomb dropped from an enemy aeroplane on 22 March 1918.