Ainsworth, Ernest – Private

Son of Ann Ainsworth, of 21, Gregson Street, Farnworth, Lancashire, and the late John Ainsworth. Formerly 5048, 4th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Airey, John Barron – Private

Son of Emma Rosina Jackson (formerly Airey), of 64, Hall Lane, Farnworth, Lancashire, and the late John Reginald Airey. Formerly in the Cavalry and later 19101, Leicestershire Regiment.

Aldred, John – Private

Son of John and Margaret Alice Aldred; husband of Violet Aldred, of 6, Leigh Street, Farnworth, Bolton. Formerly 24673, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Allen, Robert – Private

Son of Joseph and Alice Allen, of 47, Leinster Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly 5640, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Almond, Samuel – Lance Corporal

Son of Edwin and Margaret Almond, of 134, Buckley Lane, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly 142100, Royal Field Artillery. Formerly 3576, Border Regiment. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery.

Almond, William Edmondson – Gunner (Private)

Son of John Almond, J.P., and of Mary Almond, of Park View, Bolton Road, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Almond, of Park Road, Prestwich, Lancashire. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery.

Armstrong, John Alfred – Private

Eldest son of William and Mary Alice Armstrong, of Plodder Lane, Farnworth, Lancashire, formerly of 28, Lever Edge Lane, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire.

Ashton, Harold – Sergeant

Son of Mr. Ashton, of 1, Back Nelson Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Of 303, Bolton Road, Kearsley, Lancashire.

Ashton, James Ormrod – Second Lieutenant

Son of William and Elizabeth Ashton, of 148, Rawson Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly Hussars; 2nd Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment; and attached 10th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment.

Ashton, Thomas – Private

Of 35, MacDonald Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly 24840, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Died in hospital in India from Dysentery. Interred at Karachi Cemetery, A/D. O. 29.

Ashworth, Jacob – Private

Husband of Mrs. Ashworth, of 118, Bridgewater Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Killed by a trench mortar whilst on sentry duty.

Atherton, Amos – Private

Son of James A. And Lucy H. Atherton, of 13, Presto Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly 2799, Training Reserve Battalion.