Aspin, William – Trooper (Private)

Son of Mary E. Aspin, of 48, King Street, Southport, Lancashire, and the late John Aspin. Native of Bolton. Formerly of 473, Halliwell Road, Bolton, Lancashire.

Battersby, Walter – Private

Husband of Mrs. Battersby, of 4, Faith Street, Doffcocker, Bolton, Lancashire. Previously served in the Bolton Artillery Volunteers.

Edge, John Latham – Private

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edge, of 481, Halliwell Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 3626, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. His brother Frank also fell.

Lee, Joseph – Private

Son of Thomas and Sarah Jane Lee, of 4, Nut Street, Halliwell Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 21146, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.

Williams, Arthur – Private

Son of Daniel and Emma Ellen William, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Susannah Williams, of 516, Halliwell Road, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 129, Arnold Street, Halliwell, Bolton, Lancashire.