Barber, William Edward – Private

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barber, of 544 Liverpool Road, Irlam, Lancashire; husband of Florence Barber (nee Hampson), of 536, Liverpool Road, Irlam, Lancashire.

Bason, Alfred – Private

Son of Samuel and Sarah Bason, of Haughton Green, Denton, Lancashire; husband of Elizabeth Bason, of 24, Dean Road, Cadishead, Lancashire. Formerly 55604, Cheshire Regiment.

Bowker, Joseph Rigby – Private

Son of Joseph and Ellen Bowker, of 160, Twenty Row, Liverpool Road, Irlam, Lancashire. Enlisted as Private 2290, 1st/8th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Briggs, William – Private

Husband of Alice Briggs, of 18, Hayes Road, Cadishead, Lancashire. Enlisted into King’s Liverpool Regiment.