Aldred, Albert – Sergeant

Son of Pamela Aldred, of 406, Manchester Road East, Little Hulton, Lancashire; husband of Martha Jane Aldred, of 146, Manchester Road West, Little Hulton, Lancashire. Name alternately spelled as ALLDRED in local newspapers.

Finall, John – Corporal

Son of Johnathan and Emma Finall; husband of Mary Finall, of 13, Makin Street, Little Hulton, Lancashire.

Fletcher, Jesse – Private

Son of Mary Fletcher, of 430, Manchester Road East, Little Hulton, Lancashire, and the late James Fletcher.

Francis, Thomas Llewellyn – Private

Son of Wythan and Elizabeth Esther Francis (nee Llewellyn), of 42, Bertie Road, Wrexham, Denbighshire; husband of Ellen Francis (nee Astle), of 83 Cleggs Lane, Little Hulton, Lancashire.  Middle name incorrectly spelled as LLEWELLEN on some records.

Glover, John – Private

Son of James and Margaret Glover, of 16, School Street, Wharton Lane, Little Hulton, Lancashire.