Since 2013 Bolton Archives and Local Studies service have overseen a project to create and develop a database recording all of Bolton’s war dead, and as much information about the service of survivors as available.  All of the research is undertaken on a voluntary basis and is ongoing.  We can not provide copies of documents / newspapers via this site.  Researchers requiring such material will need to contact the Bolton Archives and Local Studies Service directly to purchase copies.

In the centenary years of the First World War we have concentrated on those who served or fell during or as a result of that conflict, but we intend to include Boltonians who served and/or died in other conflicts, from the Boer War to Iraq and Afghanistan.

**PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of an error which occurred during our latest refresh of the data on the website.  Some date related fields have been corrupted and appear incorrectly on the site.  We are working to resolve this issue.  Please do not contact us to notify us of these, it will only slow down our volunteers’ progress on the continuing research.  The dates are correct in the master database.  We apologise for any inconvenience while this issue gets resolved.