Regiment: Labour Corps

Abbott, William – Private

Son of John and Eliza Abbott, of Salford, Lancashire. Formerly 42403, 13th Battalion, South Wales Borderers. Formerly 56060, Cheshire Regiment.

Ainsworth, Fred – Private

Husband of Minnie Ainsworth (nee Charnock), of 297, Blackburn Road, Egerton, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 46676, 17th (Reserve) Battalion, Cheshire Regiment. Demobilised Class Z 13 March 1919.

Ainsworth, George – Private

Husband of Mrs. Ainsworth, of 16, Smith Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Wounded. Previous service of four years with the Rifle Brigade. Formerly C/984, 16th Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

Ainsworth, William – Lance Corporal

Son of Elizabeth Alice Lomax, of 253, Starkie Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 6110, 15th Battalion, London Regiment. Formerly 52515, Devonshire Regiment. Demobilised Class Z 06 March 1919 to 58, Dorset Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Allcock, Thomas – Private

Husband of Mary Agnes Allcock (nee Hughes), of 51, Norway Street, Seedley, Salford, Lancashire. Formerly a Police Constable. Enlisted 17th (Reserve) Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, later transferred to Works Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. Demobilised Class Z 02 February 1919.

Allen, Richard – Private

Son of Minnie Allen, of 91, Crook Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 266079, 12th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.

Almond, John – Private

Old boy of Bolton Grammar School (1907-1914). Formerly 14053, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Demobilised Class Z 15 February 1919.

Almond, John William – Warrant Officer Class II

Husbnd of Rachael Almond (nee Kirby), of 80, Havelock Street, Preston, Lancashire. Previous service with Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (discharged 31 October 1908). Re-enlisted at Preston as Company Sergeant Major 3707, 7th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Demobilised Class Z 31 May 1919.

Anderson, Samuel F – Private

Of 47, Harvey Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Worked for Bolton Corporation Parks Department. Recorded as F. S. Anderson in BJ&G. Formerly 69174, King’s Liverpool Regiment.

Archer, Norman William – Private

Son of John Archer, of Bolton; husband of Eva Archer, of 89, Manchester Road, Swinton, Lancashire. Formerly 32666, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Armstrong, Harold – Private

Son of Richard and Amelia Armstrong, of Patricroft, Lancashire; husband of Edith Armstrong, of The Bridge, Patricroft, Lancashire. Formerly 30121, West Riding Regiment.

Ault, Edward Atkinson – Lieutenant

Son of Mr. W. H. Ault, of Newport Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Private 240641, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Commissioned Second Lieutenant to Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry 18 November 1917. Address on Medal Card 49, Newhall Lane, Bolton.

Ball, Frederick – Private

Formerly 14451, Reserve Regiment of Cavalry. Formerly 13524, 3rd Battalion. Dorsetshire Regiment. Worked for Salford Corporation Gas Department.

Barlow, Arnold – Private

Husband of Kate Barlow, of 3, Young Street, Strawberry Hill, Pendleton, Salford, Lancashire. Formerly 40969, 23rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment.

Barlow, William – Private

Formerly 2443, Lancashire Fusiliers (SDGW & Medal Card). Formerly 60144, 1st (Garrison) Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment (CWGC).

Bason, Alfred – Private

Son of Samuel and Sarah Bason, of Haughton Green, Denton, Lancashire; husband of Elizabeth Bason, of 24, Dean Road, Cadishead, Lancashire. Formerly 55604, Cheshire Regiment.