Regiment: Royal Engineers

Adamson, George – Pioneer (Private)

Son of George and Mary Adamson; husband of Sarah Jane Adamson, of 20, Burton Street, Folds Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Native of Manchester. Formerly 16736, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Adamson, John – Pioneer (Private)

Husband of Edith Emily Adamson (nee Bateman), of 10, Whittaker Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 209, 2nd/12th (Pioneer) Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Discharged medically unfit 25 August 1916. Re-enlisted into Royal Engineers. Demobilised 12 January 1919.

Aldous, Fred – Pioneer (Private)

Husband of Alice Ann Aldous (nee Hampson), of 451, Bury Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 220569, Royal Engineers. Demobilised Class Z 18 January 1919.

Aldred, Alfred – Corporal

Husband of Lilley Aldred, of 1, Glendore, Weaste, Salford, Lancashire. Formerly served in 4th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, discharged time expired 16 August 1904. Discharged to Class Z following War Service 12 October 1919.

Aldred, Fred – Pioneer (Private)

Husband of Mary Aldred (nee Crowther), of 16, Glenburn Street, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 241043, Royal Engineers. Demobilised Class Z 12 May 1919.

Aldred, Thomas – Sapper (Private)

Husband of Beatrice Aldred, of 109 Windley Street, Mill Hill, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 15th (Service) Battalion, Welsh Regiment, discharged 20 April 1915, medically unfit. Formerly Pioneer 241046 Royal Engineers. Demobilised 11 April 1919.

Aldred, William – Sapper (Private)

Husband of Minnie Aldred (nee Alston), of 18, Peabody Street, Weaste, Salford, Lancashire. Later of 23, Regent Street, Eccles, Lancashire. Demobilised Class Z 13 March 1919.

Allen, Richard – Sapper (Private)

Son of Edward Allen, of 87, Hough Lane, Eagley, Bolton, Lancashire. Discharged as no longer physically fit for war service 27 November 1917, address on discharge 183, Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton, Lancashire. Lost 2 fingers and thumb of left hand following detonator explosion.

Almond, Peter – Driver (Private)

Son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Almond, of 19, Percival Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 38, Hardy Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 5353, 5th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Service, enlisted 14 June 1915 and discharged 04 August 1916 after 14 months service. Discharged from second period of service 24 February 1919 as no longer physically fit for war service.

Almond, Stanley – Sapper (Private)

Son of George Almond, of 4, Almond Street, Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Betsy Almond (nee Ashmore), of 28, Almond Street, Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Pioneer 225662, Royal Engineers. Demobilised Class Z 09 February 1919.

Alston, George – Driver (Private)

Son of George and May Alston, of 8, Cobden Street, Pendleton, Lancashire; husband of Margaret Hannah Alston (nee Kennedy), of 6, Brindle Heath Road, Pendleton, Lancashire. Discharged Class Z 08 March 1919, address on discharge 6 Brindle Heath Road, Pendleton, Lancashire.

Anderton, Harry – Sapper (Private)

Residing at 186, South Street, Higher Openshaw, Lancashire, at time of enlistment. Previously served with the Royal Field Artillery, discharged as time expired. Formerly 2436, 8th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. Formerly 380055, 25th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment. Discharged as no longer physically fit for war service 14 November 1918, address at discharge 23 Dyson Street, Oldham Road, Manchester, Lancashire.