Names listed under "S"

Sagar, James – Private

Son of Mrs. Ryder, of 9, Livingstone Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 7569, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Listed as serving at the time of death with the 1st/4th Battalion, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry.

Sager, Arthur – Private

Son of James H. and Mary J. Sager, of 150, Markland Hill, Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 25926, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Sale, Seth – Private

Son of Mr. J. Sale, of 46, Back Derby Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1914 into the 10th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Three brothers served in the Navy, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and Lancashire Fusiliers.

Sale, Thomas – Private

Son of William Sale, of 19, Mary Street East, Horwich, Lancashire; husband of Caroline Sale, of 3, Montcliff, Horwich, Lancashire.