Aldred (Allan), William –

NOTE:- Served as William ALLAN. Son of the late William T. and Mary Aldred. Formerly 35152, Manchester Regiment.

Allen, George Henry –

Husband of Mrs. Allen, of 346, Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Lancashire, and formerly of 28, King Street, Swinton, Lancashire. Enlisted February 1915.

Allen, William Stanley –

Son of Mrs. Ann Holt (formerly Allen) and stepson of Mr. Richard Henry Holt, of 1, Earl Street, Swinton, Lancashire. Reported as William Stanley Allen Holt in F&WJ.

Andrews, Moses –

Eldest son of Mr. John Andrews, of 1, Albion Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire. One of three soldier sons to serve.

Arnold, Joseph –

Son of Mrs. Martha Arnold, of 84, Swinton Hall Road, Swinton, Lancashire.

Aspden, George –

Son of John and Annie Aspden, of Pendlebury, Lancashire; husband of Alice Aspden, of 7, Dumbell Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire.

Atkinson, William –

Son of William and Eleanor Atkinson, of 2, Alice Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire; husband of Sarah Jane Atkinson, of 7, Williamson’s Buildings, Irlams-o’th’-Height, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915.

Barnes, Harry –

Son of Richard and Mary Alice Barnes, of 32, Ellesmere Street, Moorside, Swinton, Lancashire. Enlisted November 1915.

Barnes, Harry –

Of 374, Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Lancashire. His brother James was a regular in the Royal Field Artillery.

Barnes, Herbert –

Husband of Mrs. Barnes, of 10, Lottie Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire. Died whilst Prisoner of War in Germany. Elder brother Thomas served in the Lancashire Fusiliers.

Barry, Frank –

Husband of Mrs. Barry, of 11, Pitt Street, Irlams-o’th’-Height, Salford, Lancashire.