Caine, James –

Son of James and Margaret Ann Caine, of 28, Station Road, Patricroft, Lancashire. Formerly 4th Bn.

Docherty, John –

Son of Mr. J. and Mrs. M. Docherty, of 29, Chapel Place, Barton-on-Irwell, Lancashire.

Dunn, Simon –

Son of Thomas and Mary Dunn, of Urmston, Lancashire; husband of Agatha Mary Dunn, of 29, Worsley Road, Patricroft, Lancashire.

Eggleston, Charles Henry –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Eggleston, of 114, Cromwell Road, Patricroft, Lancashire. Body not recovered for burial.

Glynn, Patrick –

Son of Patrick and Ann Glynn, of 100, Station Road, Patricroft, Lancashire.

Hazell, William –

Date of death recorded as 17/08/1915 on SDGW, 21/08/1915 on Medal Card, and 31/08/1915 on CWGC.

Higgins, Joseph –

Son of Timothy and Margaret Ann Higging, of 10, Wade Street, Patricroft, Lancashire.