Butterfield, Eric –

Son of Matthew James Butterfield and Theresa May Butterfield, of 342, Lever Edge Lane, Bolton, Lancashire.

Butterworth, James –

Son of Fred and Helen Butterworth; husband of Elizebeth Ann Butterworth, of Atherton, Lancashire.

Chadderton, Ernest –

Son of James and Florence Chadderton; husband of Kathleen Chadderton, of Elton, Bury, Lancashire.

Clare, Gregory –

Son of Thomas and Emma Clare; husband of Annie Clare, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Clavell, John James –

Son of John Joseph and Jane Mary Clavell, of Abbey Wood, Greenwich, London; husband of Elisabeth Clavell. Also served in the 1914-18 War.

Cope, Thomas –

Son of Robert and Agnes Emma Cope, of Whitefield, Lancashire; husband of Hilda Cope, of Whitefield, Lancashire.

Cosby, Ernest –

Son of Elizabeth Cosby, and stepson of Robinson Muddiman, of Kettering, Northamptonshire.