Cooper, James –

Brother of Mrs. Ramsden (nee Cooper), of 82, Grasmere Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1914.

Cowburn, Harry –

Son of Elizabeth Ann Cowburn, of 44, Randal Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire, and the late John Cowburn.

Crompton, Alfred –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Crompton, of 19, Leinster Street, Farnworth, Lancashire; husband of C. Crompton, of 15, Peel Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1917.

Darwen, William –

Son of George and Sarah Darwen, of 316, Leigh Road, Hindley Green, Lancashire.

Davies, Nathan –

Son of David and Mary Ann Davies, of 11, Elliott Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire. Attached His Majesty’s Hospital Ship Galeka.

Edmondson, James –

Son of James and Clara Ellen Edmondson, of 14, Milk Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire.

Ellis, John –

Son of William and Sarah Ann Ellis, of Tyldesley, Lancashire; husband of Margaret Ellis, of 2, New Rock Cottage, Daisy Hill, Westhoughton, Lancashire.

Ellis, Samuel –

Son of Mrs. Ellis, of 28, Green Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire, and the late William Ellis.

Fearnhead, Lewis –

Son of James and Elizabeth Fearnhead, of 19, Lodge Road, Hindsford, Atherton, Lancashire.

Fereday, Joseph –

Son of Enoch and Alice Fereday, of 46, Union Street, Tyldesley, Lancashire.

Fletcher, Jesse –

Son of Mary Fletcher, of 430, Manchester Road East, Little Hulton, Lancashire, and the late James Fletcher.

Fray, William Shone –

Son of James William Fray, of 27, Wilmot Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and the late Mary Ann Fray.

Fray, James Taylor –

Son of James William and Mary Ann Fray, of 27, Wilmot Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 179, Eskrick Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Killed by a gunshot wound in the head.

Freeman, James E –

Son of Samuel and Alice Freeman, of 302, Derby Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Private 3843, 5th Bn., Seaforth Highlanders. Wounded December 1916.