Alcock, Harry –

Son of George and Mary Alcock; husband of Florence Alcock, of Walkden, Lancashire.

Ashton, John –

Son of Isaac and Mary Amelia Ashton; husband of Nora Robinson Ashton, of Worsley, Lancashire. Attached Headquarters 55th Infantry Brigade.

Bryan, Thomas –

Son of Private Thomas Bryan, M.M., The Manchester Regiment, Killed in Action in France 1st July, 1916, and of Eve Bryan, of Astley, Lancashire.

Hampson, Stanley –

Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Hampson; husband of Lily Hampson, of Tyldesley, Lancashire.

Heelis, Sidney Lawson –

Son of James and Dorothy Heelis; husband of Evelyn Alexandra (Alix) Jeelis, of 10, Kempnough Hall Road, Worsley, Lancashire.