Hampson, Harold –

Son of Fred and Jane Hampson, of Little Hulton, Lancashire. Formerly Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Hurst, Norman –

Son of James Duxbury Hurst and Clara Hurst, of Little Hulton, Lancashire; husband of Alberta Owen Hurst, of Walkden, Lancashire. An old boy of Farnworth Grammar School (1926 – 32).

Jackson, Kenneth –

Son of Fred and Harriet Jackson; nephew of Mr. W. Jackson, of Walkden, Lancashire.

Prosser, Thomas –

Son of Arthur and Sarah Prosser, of Little Hulton, Lancashire; husband of Amelia Prosser, of Cleveleys, Lancashire.

Stones, Tom –

Son of James and Mary Ann Stones; husband of Mary A. Stones, of Walkden, Lancashire.