Wearden, John –

Son of John and Margaret Wearden, of Lancaster, Lancashire; husband of Emma Wearden, of 7, Church Road, Walkden, Lancashire. Worked for Salford Corporation Tramways Department.

Wilcox, Joseph –

Son of Hannah Wilcox, of 241, Manchester Road, Walkden, Lancashire. Accidentally killed when a rifle grenade exploded during training. Death reported by letter from Lance Corporal Sidney Jones of the Manchester Regiment. Reported as WILLCOCK in F&WJ.

Wilkinson, David –

Son of Kate Wilkinson, of 2, The Intake, Ley Moor, Golcar, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and the late Richard Wilkinson. Of 243, Worsley Road, Winton, Eccles, Lancashire. Formerly 29061, 16th Training Reserve Bn.

Williams, Samuel –

Husband of Mrs. G. Williams, of 154, Harriet Street, Walkden, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915.

Williams, Arthur –

Son of Mrs. Eleanor Williams, of 100, Manchester Road East, Little Hulton, Lancashire. Formerly 10220, Royal Fusiliers.

Wolfendale, George –

Of 8, Leinster Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Of 79, Brackley Street, Walkden, Lancashire.

Wolfenden, George Hubert –

Son of Joseph and Alice Wolfenden, of “Ashby”, 56, Hazelhurst Road, Worsley, Lancashire. Worked for Salford Corporation Town Clerks’ Department. Enlisted October 1914. Attached 199th Light Trench Mortar Battery.

Wright, Ernest –

Husband of Alice Wright, of 18, Drill Street, Walkden, Lancashire. Formerly employed as a carter for the Co-Operative Society.

Yates, Thomas –

Son of Edmund and Louisa Yates, of 332, Manchester Road, Walkden, Lancashire. Enlisted February 1916. Reported wounded and missing on 21/03/1918, and subsequently as died of wounds in a field hospital.

Yorke, Harry –

Only son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Yorke, of 61, Roe Greem Worsley, Lancashire. Formerly Sapper 167034, Royal Engineers.