Asten, Harry –

Son of Henry and Ethel Asten, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Elizabeth Asten, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Bailey, Fred –

Son of Fred and Nancy Bailey; husband of Lily Bailey, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Beane, George –

Son of George and Harriet Beane; husband of Lillian Maude Beane, of Plumstead, Norfolk.

Bowden, Victor –

Son of Edward and Jane Ellen Bowden, of 231, Rishton Lane, Bolton, Lancashire.

Bragg, Robert –

Son of Robert and Ethel Bragg; husband of Alice Bragg, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Bramwell, Norman Addison –

Only son of the late Major George Addison Bramwell (late of Northamptonshire Regiment), and of Mrs. Lois Bramwell (nee Buzzard), of The Hill Meadow, Baughurst, Basingstoke; husband of Joan Mary Bramwell (nee Currie), of Carters Cross, Westerham, Kent. Died as a result of road accident in Italy which occurred on 11 June 1944.

Bryan, James Edward –

Son of Joseph and Martha Jane Bryan; husband of Margaret Ellen Bryan, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Butler, William –

Son of Charles and Lois Butler; husband of Lilian Iris Butler, of St. George’s, Oakengates, Shropshire.