Knowles, James –

Son of the late James and Alice Knowles; husband of Hannah Knowles, of 20, Fleetwood Street, Fylde Road, Preston, Lancashire, formery of 20, Milo Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Attached 96th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Lee, Thomas –

Son of John and Alice Lee, of 59, Beaconsfield Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Mangnall, Albert –

Of 41, Mount Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted June 1915. Formerly 5339, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Promoted from Private to Lance Corporal 16/08/1915.

Milligan, William –

Son of Mrs. Milligan, of 50, Teal Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Two brothers also on active service.

Montgomery, Thomas –

Husband of Bertha Bromwich (formerly Montgomery), of 6, Middlefell Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire, formerly of 116, Oxford Grove, Bolton, Lancashire.

Pilkington, James –

Husband of Martha Jane Pilkington, of 17, Victory Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1917. Formerly 126261, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Simmons, Joseph –

Husband of Mrs. Simmons, of 10, Regent Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Served in the South African Campaign. Formerly a Bolton tram driver.

Swain, Levi –

Second son of Walter and Mary Jane Swain, of 8, Haigh Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Tuke, Henry –

Son of Henry and Sarah Tuke, of 95, School Hill, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1914.

Unsworth, Arthur –

Husband of Alice Unsworth, of 20, Nuttall Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Private 2178, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Wounded.

Unsworth, Herbert –

Son of Mr. Unsworth, of 482, Lever Edge Lane, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 81, Mason Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Brother Fred served in France.

Whittle, Herbert (Bert) –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Whittle, of 17, Crescent Road, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Hilda Whittle, of 23, Genesee Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Previously served 3 years in the 3rd East Lancashire Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, and worked at Walker’s Tannery. Killed by a bursting shell.