Ainsworth, James –

Husband of Catherine Ainsworth (nee Tobin), of 8, Nuttall Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Of 186, Deane Church Lane, Bolton, Lancashire.

Beckett, Richard –

Son of Daniel and Catherine Beckett; husband of Margaret Beckett (nee Tierney). Formerly employed as a labourer for Messrs. Magee, Marshall and Co. Reported in BJ&G as Lancashire Fusiliers and of 69, Clarendon Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and with a date of death of 07/09/1916.

Berry, John Patrick –

Son of Patrick and Ellen Berry; husband of Elizabeth Berry, of 56, Leach Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Boardman, Ellis –

Only son of Andrew and Mary Boardman, of 311, Lever Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915.

Boardman, Alfred –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Boardman, of 99, Lumsden Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted February 1916. Reported wounded and missing since 30/11/1917 and subsequently confirmed taken prisoner of war. Died of wounds in hospital at Hamburg, Germany.

Cade, Joseph –

Husband of Mrs. Cade, of 33, Oak Street, Deane Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Previously served in the South African Campaign.

Campbell, John –

Brother of Mrs. Pickersgill, of 95, Platt Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Of 29, Platt Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted April 1915.

Campbell, Thomas –

Husband of May Jane Campbell, of 12, Back Haydock Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Called up from the reserve 04/08/1914. Formerly 2/647, Lancashire Fusiliers. Killed by a bullet wound to the head, having previously been gassed, wounded in the hip and buried.