Crook, Harold –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Crook, of 391, St. Helens Road, Bolton, Lancashire.

Davies, Arthur –

Son of William and the late Margaret Davies; husband of Angelina Davies, of 37, St. Helens Road, Bolton, Lancashire.

Davies, Alun Wynn –

Eldest son of Mr. Thomas Davies, of 375, Hulton Lane, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed as a fitter by the Bolton Corporation Gas Department. Accidentally fell into the water and drowned while passing from one vessel to another.

Howcroft, Fred –

Son of James and Margaret Howcroft, of 207, Willows Lane, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly of 135, Longfield Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1914.

Newell, Henry –

Son of Rebecca Smith (formerly Newell nee Walmsley), of Glenvine House, Crosby, Marown, Isle of Man, and the late Joseph Burn Newell, formerly of 75, Rishton Lane, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Worked for the London and North Western Railway Company as a Messenger at Bolton, Lancashire. Contracted enteric fever whilst serving in the Dardanelles, and died at Port Said, Egypt. SDGW records death area as Egypt.

Pasquill, Frank –

Son of Richard and Emily Pasquill, of 524, St. Helens Road, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted April 1916. Formerly 1968, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Ramsay, David –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay, of 3, Minnie Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Two brothers also served.

Smith, James –

Son of James and Ellen M. Smith (nee Makin), of 395, St. Helens Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Killed in action on Christmas night near Loos.

Young, Albert –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Young, of 19, Gordon Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Young, of 5, Bert Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Returned from South America where he had a tobacco plantation to enlist in October 1914. Reported wounded on 15/07/1916 and subsequently missing. Formerly “E” Company, 5th Bn., Middlesex Regiment. A brother serving in the Royal Field Artillery and another in the Navy.