Ackerley, Harold –

Son of Alfred Vernon Ackerley and Clementina Ackerley, of 17, Regent Square, Salford, Lancashire. Death reported in Salford Reporter as due to accidentlly shooting himself in both legs whilst handling his rifle during cleaning. He was taken to the field hospital but died shortly after.

Ackerley, Sydney –

Son of Alfred Vernon Ackerley and Clementina Ackerley, of 17, Regent Square, Salford, Lancashire. Prior to the war he worked at Thomas Collier and Sons, High Street, Manchester.

Ashworth, William –

Husband of Ellen Ashworth; brother of Joseph Ashworth, of 161, Ordsall Lane, Salford, Lancashire.

Beaumont, Edward –

Husband of Alice Beaumont, of 16, Phoebe Street, Regent Road, Salford, Lancashire.

Bedgood, Archie –

Of 20, Coronation Street, Salford, Lancashire. Formerly employee of Smith & Coventry, Engineers. Served at Gallipoli where he contracted dysentry and enteric fever causing him to be sent to a hospital in Malta, and then to London. In 1916 he was sent to serve in Mesopotamia where he died. St. Clements Church, Ordsall.

Bowker, Tom –

Son of Thomas and Rachel Bowker, of 530, Stretford Road, Old Trafford, Lancashire.

Brearley, James Shaw –

Son of James and Nellie Brearley, 41 Regent Square, Salford, Lancashire; husband of Emma Simpson (formerly Brearley) 4 Hollingwood Street, Salford, Lancashire. James died at sea, along with 59 other Border Regiment soldiers, when the Royal Edward was sunk after being hit by a torpedo.

Brymer, William Adam –

Son of the late George and Mary Brymer, of 7, Napier Street, Trafford Road, Salford, Lancashire.

Cooper, Charles –

Son of the late Charles and Charlotte Cooper; husband of Henrietta Bradley (formerly Cooper), of 9, Florin Street, High Street, Pendleton, Lancashire. Served at Antwerp and on Gallipoli.

Cooper, James –

Husband of Margaret Cooper, of 4, Edge Place, Greengate, Salford, Lancashire.

Cotton, Alfred –

Son of Mrs. Alice Thompson, of Salford; husband of Sarah Cotton, of 101, Sunnyside Street, Ordsall Lane, Salford, Lancashire.

Daniels, Elijah –

Son of Elijah and Ann Jane Daniels. Prior to the war Elijah lived with his wife Ada (Atkinson) at 41 Oxford Street, Salford, Lancashire and had worked at Lloyd’s Packing Warehouse as a case maker. The second-lieutenant of Elijah’s Bn. writes to Mrs Daniels: “After the gallant and dashing charge of the Manchesters (sic) on March 2, your husband, Private Daniels, failed to answer the roll call and he was listed as missing, and as he failed day after day to put in an appearance he has now been reported as killed” “I hope you will make the best of it, for your husband died doing his duty as a soldier.”

Dutton, Thomas –

Son of Frederick and Rebecca Dutton, 18 Amy Street, Regent Road, Salford, Lancashire. Formerly 10633, Manchester Regiment.

Evans, Samuel –

Samuel was a reservist and was mobilised with the Border Regiment. at Carlisle on 07/08/1914 and went to France 25/11/1914 where he was injured and returned to the South of England for treatment. He quickly recovered and left Shoeburyness on the 26/05/1915 heading for the Dardanelles and had been in the trenches there for about a month when he met his death. Samuel had worked as a bricklayers labourer for Salford Corporation prior to the war and lived at 168 Tatton Street, Salford, Lancashire.

Fowler, Joseph –

Son of Richard and Catherine Fowler, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Elizabeth Fowler, of 41, Rudman Street, Salford, Lancashire. Joseph was badly injured whilst sleeping in a house close by the firing line. At 11.40pm a German shell burst through the roof, fragments piercing his thigh. The Doctor gave all possible aid and he was removed to a field ambulance, where he died at 2.30am. Joseph was an experienced soldier having served through the South African campaign under General Warren. He had enlisted at the age of 18.