Atkinson, Robert –

Son of Herbert and Mary Atkinson; husband of Maggie Atkinson, of Horwich, Lancashire, and formerly of 14, King Street, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Killed whilst prisoner of war abaord the Japanese ship Lisbon Mari when it was sunk in Far Eastern waters.

Bailey, Albert –

Son of Jack and Margaret Bailey; husband of Margaret Bailey, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Butterworth, James –

Son of Fred and Helen Butterworth; husband of Elizebeth Ann Butterworth, of Atherton, Lancashire.

Deady, Darren –

Injured in the Nahr-e Saraj District of Helmand Province, Afghanistan on 23/08/1910, and died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Hurst, John –

Son of Thomas and Jane Elizabeth Hurst; husband of Ada Hurst, of Westhoughton, Lancashire. Attached East Lancashire Regiment.

Leeming, John –

Son of John C. and Mary Leeming; husband of Irene Leeming, of Daisy Hill, Westhoughton, Lancashire.

Lyons, Ellis –

Son of James Lyons, and of Mary Lyons, of Atherton, Lancashire.

Simm, William –

Of 463, Leigh Road, Daisy Hill, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Interred 25/02/1945.

Smallman, Frederick –

Son of Frederick and Mary Smallman; husband of Mona Kathleen Smallman, of Deane, Bolton, Lancashire.

Stott, Harry –

Son of Ralph and Jane Stott, of Westhoughton, Lancashire; husband of Mona Stott, of Westhoughton, Lancashire. Formerly Grenadier Guards.

Waddington, Richard John –

Son of Robert and Mary Ann Waddington, of 46, Hindley Road, Daisy Hill, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Killed in Blitz at London. Interred 24/04/1941.