Boon, Alfred –

Son of John and Ellen Boon, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Edna Boon, of Salford, Lancashire.

Corfield, Fred –

Son of John and Mary Ann Corfield, of Irlams-o’-th’-Height, Salford, Lancashire.

Day, Geoffrey –

Son of Ellen Day and stepson of James Lee, of Swinton, Lancashire. Nicknamed “Happy”.

Goring, Emanuel –

Son of James Mathew and Sarah Goring, of Pendlebury, Lancashire; husband of Edith Goring, of Pendlebury, Lancashire.

Hindley, Norman –

Son of William and Mary Hindley, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Winifred Hindley, of Salford, Lancashire. Schoolmaster.

Pask, Horace –

Son of George and Sarah Harriett Pask, of Swinton, Lancashire.

Smethurst, John –

Husband of Elizabeth Ann Smethurst, of Pendlebury, Lancashire. His son, John Worsley Smethurst, also died on service.