Alcock, Harry –

Son of George and Mary Alcock; husband of Florence Alcock, of Walkden, Lancashire.

Anderson, Henry Hope –

Son of Alexander and Margaret Anderson, of Eccles, Lancashire; husband of Elsie Anderson, of Patricroft, Lancashire.

Bailey, Eric –

Son of Reuben and May Bailey; nephew of Arthur Blears, of Swinton, Lancashire. Of 23, Gaskell Road, Eccles, Lancashire.

Birkett, John –

Son of the Revd. Alvan Birkett, B.A., and Mabel Emily Birkett, of Chesham Bois Rectory, Buckinghamshire.

Bland, Cornelius Thomas –

Son of Edward Arnold Bland and Elizabeth Emma Bland, of Eccles, Lancashire; husband of Margaret Elizabeth Blank, of Eccles, Lancashire.

Brooks, John McCallum –

Son of Frederick Gordon Brooks and Lilias Henderson Brooks; husband of Lucy Brooks, of Salford, Lancashire.

Cooney, William –

Son of William Cooney, of 11 Gilda Crescent Road, Eccles, Lancashire. Died at 94 Gilda Brook Road, Eccles, Lancashire.

Cooper, Benjamin Nokes –

Son of Joseph Amos Cooper and Georgina Cooper; husband of Phyllis Doreen Cooper, of Salford, Lancashire.

Dawson, William –

Son of William and Agnes Dawson, of Eccles, Lancashire; husband of Florence Mary Dawson, of Eccles, Lancashire.