Booth, Frank –

Husband of Mrs. E. Booth, of 219, Hatfield Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Prisoner of War in Italy.

Brooks, John Alfred –

Son of Sam and Clara Brooks, of Harwood, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Marion Brooks, of Harwood, Bolton, Lancashire.

Cairns, Joseph Henry –

Son of Henry Francis and Georgina Cairns; husband of Gladys Cairns, of Harwood, Bolton, Lancashire.

Cross, Ronald Shepherd –

Son of Herbert Shepherd Cross and Ellen May Cross. Attached XXXIV Indian Corps Signals, Indian Signal Corps.

Glaister, George –

Son of George T. Glaister and Ellen Glaister, of Tonge Moor, Bolton, Lancashire.

Harrison, Clare –

Son of John W. and Esther Elizabeth Harrison, of Bradshaw, Bolton, Lancashire. Bridge Street Methodist.

Hulme, Joseph Eli –

Son of Evan and Elizabeth Hulme; husband of Constance Hulme, of Edgworth, Bolton, Lancashire.