Abrahams, Leo Reginald –

Son of Reginald and Florence Caroline Abrahams, of Coogee, New South Wales, Australia. This is the only L. Abrahams found for World War II.

Acton, Dennis –

Son of James Ernest and Jane Acton, of Worsley, Lancashire; husband of Jean Acton, of Swinton, Lancashire.

Alker, Joseph –

Son of Joseph and Ann Alker. Formerly Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Allcock, Alex Godfrey –

Son of Isaac Allcock, M.B.E., and Mary Hannah Allcock; husband of Edith Allcock, of Wardley, Swinton, Lancashire.

Allen, James Eric –

Son of William Henry and Sarah Agnes Allen; husband of Vera Margaret Allen, of Monton Green, Eccles, Lancashire.

Amatt, Wilfred –

Son of Fred and Emily Amatt, of Swinton, Lancashire; husband of Norah Amatt, of Swinton, Lancashire.

Anderson, Robert Joseph –

Son of Charles and Sarah Agnes Anderson, of Pendlebury, Lancashire; husband of Magdalen Anderson, of Peasley Cross, St. Helens, Lancashire.

Ashton, John –

Son of Isaac and Mary Amelia Ashton; husband of Nora Robinson Ashton, of Worsley, Lancashire. Attached Headquarters 55th Infantry Brigade.

Atherton, Samuel Goodearl –

Son of James and Mary Atherton, of Bromwich Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Catherine Booth Atherton, of Wetherby, Yorkshire, and formerly of 363, Worsley Road, Swinton, Lancashire. Killed at sea by enemy action.

Atkinson, John –

Son of Simeon and Martha Ellen Atkinson; husband of Sarah Atkinson, of Pendlebury, Lancashire.

Bailey, James Henry –

Son of James Thomas Bailey and Annie Bailey; husband of Dorothy Bailey, of Swinton, Lancashire.

Bailey, Eric –

Son of Reuben and May Bailey; nephew of Arthur Blears, of Swinton, Lancashire. Of 23, Gaskell Road, Eccles, Lancashire.

Ball, Leonard –

Son of Samuel Ball, and of Elizabeth Ball, of Swinton, Lancashire.