Harrison, Robert –

Son of Mrs. Harrison, of 16, Markland Square, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1915. Formerly 16603, 9th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Wounded on the Somme and transferred to the Manchesters on recovery. Killed when shot by a sniper whilst attending to a wounded comrade.

Hindley, James –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hindley, of 75, Harriet Street, Walkden, Lancashire. Badly wounded in the chest and spine 02/10/1918, from which he subsequently died.

Kay, Amos Rigby –

Son of Mrs. Kay, of 25, Cross Street, Farnworth, Lancashire; grandson of the late John and Catherine Kay, of 102, Crompton Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted June 1915. Reported missing and subsequently presumed killed 01/07/1916

Kennedy, Dominick –

Brother of Mrs. M. Comer, of 84, Bridgewater Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915.

Nuttall, Charles –

Son of John Nuttall, J.P., and Elizabeth J. Nuttall, of Wellington House, Bolton Road, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. An olf boy of Farnworth Grammar School.

Prescott, Sidney –

Son of Mr. T. H. and Mrs. M. A. Prescott, of 659, St. Helens Road, Bolton, Lancashire, formerly of 606, Salford Road, Over Hulton, Lancashire.

Pye, James –

Husband of Mrs. Pye, of 22, Bank Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly of 3, George Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Formerly 3rd Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Smethurst, Robert –

Son of James and Hannah Smethurst of Walkden, Lancashire; husband of Margaret Ann Smethurst, of 1, Ellis Street, Little Hulton, Lancashire.

Trow, Harry –

Son of Albert and Mrs. E. A. Trow, of 28, Leinster Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted July 1917. Formerly South Wales Borderers. Memorial in Great Lever (St. Michael) Churchyard.