Dove, George –

Son of Alfred George and Mary Elizabeth Dove, of Weaste, Salford, Lancashire.

Downes, Colin –

Son of Willie and Lizzie Downes, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Maisie Ethel Downes, of Salford, Lancashire.

Fisher, Alan –

Son of John and Olive Fisher, of Weaste, Salford, Lancashire.

Horn, Eric –

Son of Robert Tweedie Horn and Gladys Horn, of Salford, Lancashire.

Kelly, Annie Elizabeth –

Wife of John James Kelly. Of 331 Langworthy Road, Pendleton, Lancashire. Died at 8 Castleway, Pendleton, Lancashire.

McCreesh, Donald –

Son of William Arthur McCreesh, and of Dora Ellen McCreesh, of Salford, Lancashire.

Ogden, Jeffrey –

Son of Thomas Lord Ogden and Annie Ogden, of Seedley, Salford, Lancashire.