Marsh, Thomas –

Son of Thomas and Margaret Alice Marsh; husband of Lily Marsh, of Westhoughton, Lancashire.

Martin, Victor –

Son of Thomas and Jane Martin, of Westhoughton, Lancashire; husband of Minnie Martin, of Westhoughton, Lancashire.

McGlone, Edward Michael –

Son of Edward and Margaret Jane McGlone; husband of Mary McGlone, of 56, Beverley Road, Bolton, Lancashire, and later of Killorglin, County Kerry, Eire.

Miller, Leslie –

Son of William and Florence M. Miller, of Westhoughton, Lancashire; husband of Lillian Miller, of Westhoughton, Lancashire.

Partington, Ian –

Son of George and Beatrice Partington, of Westhoughton, Lancashire; husband of Kathleen Partington, of Westhoughton, Lancashire.

Pilkington, Harry –

Son of John and Jennet Pilkington; husband of Dorothy Pilkington, of Eston, Yorkshire.

Platt, Fred –

Son of Thomas Yates Platt and Mary Platt, of 24, Leigh Road, Westhoughton, Lancashire.

Rigby, Peter –

Son of Peter and Elizabeth Rigby; husband of Hilda May Rigby, of 772 Manchester Road, Over Hulton, Bolton, Lancashire.

Seddon, Arnold –

Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ellen Seddon; husband of Ethel Seddon, of Horwich Junction, Lancashire.