Boardman, Edmund –

Son of Mrs. Boardman, of 11, Parkfield Road, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Reported wounded July 1916. Killed during “a very gallant and successful raid with bombs, and, along with his company officer, died a most honourable death.”

Bonney, William –

Son of the late Robert and Alice Ann Bonney, of 27, Cannon Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted November 1915. Died in hospital at Dundalk.

Brownson, Thomas –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Brownson, of 32, Luton Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Served in the Dardanelles campaign. Reported missing since 12/10/1916 and subsequently presumed killed.

Bumberry, James –

Son of James and Elizabeth Bumberry, of 13, Charnock Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Cupitt, Charles –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cupitt, of 17, Horrocks Street, Smithills, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 105, Settle Street, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Elizabeth Ann Cupitt, of 25, Abbotsford Road, Captain’s Clough, Bolton, Lancashire. Brother of William Cupitt, who also died in service.

Davies, Robert –

Husband of Annie Tindsley (formerly Davies), of 1, Flora Street, Salford, Lancashire, and formerly of 64, Ainsworth Lane, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed by William Walker and Sons, Rose Hill Tannery. Enlisted April 1916. Posted missing since 20/09/1917 and subsequently presumed killed. Victoria Wesleyan.

Gidman, Hugh –

Son of Joseph and Sarah Ann Gidman, of 11, Earl Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted March 1915. Died in Bangor Military Hospital.

Goodwin, John –

Son of Mary Goodwin, of 14, Ramwell Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and the late Robert Goodwin; husband of the late Phoebe Goodwin, of 50, Commission Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Heaney, John –

Husband of Alice Heaney (nee Cresswell), of 69, Shaw Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 146, Park Lane, Keighley, Yorkshire. Formerly Private 2325, 1st/5th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Slightly wounded 18/06/1915. Wounded February 1916. Reported wounded and missing since 26/10/1917 and subsequently presumed killed. Surname also reported as HEANY, and as HEANEV on SDGW.

Heaton, Aubrey –

Son of Mrs. Margaret Heaton, of 31, Harvey Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed at Walker’s Tannery.

Hifton, John –

Brother of Miss Nellie Hifton, of 12, Sadler Street, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Of 11, Parkfield Road, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire.

Holden, John –

Son of Mrs. Holden, of 5, Cecilia Street, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Reported missing and subsequently presumed killed.

Jones, Harry –

Son of James and Mary Ann Jones, of 57, Heaton Road, Lostock, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted in September 1914, aged 16, from 26, Artillery Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Lever, James Darcy –

Son of Elizabeth F. Norris (formerly Lever), of 2, Leicester Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and the late Robert Lever, registrar of Astley Bridge. Formerly of 42, Pleasant Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Lewis, Cyril –

Son of Walter James and Sarah Lewis, of 44, Weston Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Of Summerfield, 462, Manchester Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915.

Mattison, William –

Eldest son of Thomas William and Mary Jane Mattison, of 8, Pool Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Emily Mattison (nee Haddock), of 63, Cross Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted April 1915. Home service only. Died at Rosyth, Dunfermline and interred 22/03/1919.

McCready, John Robert (Mac) –

Youngest son of John William and Sarah Ellen McCready, of 23, Milford Road, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 41, Kylemore Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire. An old boy of Bolton Grammar School (1905-06). Died of wounds at Northampton Military Hospital.

McNally, John –

Husband of Mrs. McNally, of 67, Plover Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Completed 18 years’ service with the Lancashire Fusiliers, including time in the Reserve, just two weeks before the outbreak of war. Served in the South African Campaign.