Lever, Tom –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lever, of 31, Queensgate, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed in the Health Department of Bolton Corporation. Enlisted July 1915. Killed on or just after his 20th Birthday. Step-brother of Tom Brotherton.

Personal details

  • Surname: Lever
  • Forename: Tom
  • Date of birth: July 1st, 1896
  • Birth place: Bolton, Lancashire
  • Place of residence: Bolton, Lancashire
  • Gender: Male
  • Age of death: 20
  • Place of death: Not known
  • Date of death: July 7th, 1916
  • Casualty type: Not known

Service details


  • Service medals: Not known
  • Silver War badge: Not known
  • Awards: Not known

Local newspaper entries

  • Bolton Journal and Guardian entries: 30/07/1915 28/07/1916 28/07/1916 04/08/1916 29/12/1916 13/07/1917
  • Bolton Journal and Guardian references: 7g 5h 6e* 7m* S10* 4g

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