Regiment: Australian Imperial Forces

Blackburn, Jack –

Son of William and Fanny Rachael Blackburn (nee Ince). Native of Bolton, Lancashire.

Bligh, Frederick William –

Son of Rose Bligh, of Kennedy Terrace East, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and the late Alfred Bligh. Caught at 15, Silverwell Street, Bolton, Lancashire, as an absentee aged 19 from 15th Bn., Australian Imperial Forces at Codford since 26/10/1917 and from 19th Bn., Australian Imperial Forces at Salisbury Plain since 08/01/1918. Appeared before Bolton Magistrates 08/11/1917 and 08/01/1918 to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/28 & JBO/1/29).

Bloor, George Herbert –

Husband of Anne Bloor, of 74, Rowland Street, Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia. Previously served 6 years (time-expired) in the 1st Bn., Manchester Regiment. Formerly Mining Corps, Australian Army. Invalided due to Gastritis.

Bloor, Herbert –

Son of Annie Bloor, of Blackburn Road, South Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia. Wounded in action in France 07/08/1916. Declared age on enlistment eighteen years and six months but was actually fifteen years and four months, per declaration signed by soldier 02/12/1918.

Bolton, Percy –

Son of Elizabeth Lancaster (formerly Bolton), of 20, Goodier’s Lane, Regent Road, Salford, Lancashire, and the late James Bolton

Booth, Harold –

Son of Robert Arthur Booth, of 130, Broome Street, Cottesloe, Western Australia, Australia.

Booth, Norman Gorton –

Eldest son of Walter Booth, of High Bank, Lostock, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Mary Lyall Gaulbert Booth, of Tebworth, Tasmania. Formerly a Lieutenant in the 4th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment – resigned commission. Formerly Company Sergeant Major 690, 14th Bn., Australian Infantry. Commissioned 07/05/1915. Hospitalised and treated for hernia July 1915 returning to duty 11/01/1916. Promoted Captain 14/10/1916. Wounded 30/04/1917.

Bramwell, William –

Son of Mary Wolstenholme (formerly Bramwell), of 4, Rake Lane, Clifton, Lancashire, and the late John Bramwell. Formerly 16th Bn., Australian Infantry. Reported missing since 08/08/1916 and subsequently presumed killed.

Brandon, Frank –

Husband of Alice Anne Brandon (nee Evans), of 26, Rumworth Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Previous service 3 years with the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 8 weeks King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, and 18 months Lancashire Fusiliers.

Bremner, Norman Frederick –

Grandson of Mr. Oliver Sims; son of Mr and Mrs Bremner, of Toowoomba, Australia. A brother served in the Australian Artillery.

Briggs, Sidney –

Son of Nellie Tomlinson, of Rangers Valley, Dundee, New South Wales, Australia, and of the late William Briggs; husband of Caroline Briggs (nee Piddington), of 15, Silverwell Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Caught multiple times under the name Stanley Briggs as an absentee aged 22 appearing before Bolton Magistrates to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/28).

Brimelow, William –

Son of Richard and Frances Elizabeth Brimelow, of 14, Virginia Street, Southport, Lancashire; grandson of Mr. W. Brimelow, J.P. Contracted dysentery in the firing line at Suvla Bay, Dardanelles and brought to England for treatment.

Bromilow, George Granville –

Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bromilow; husband of Katherine Stuart Bromilow, of 244, Heytesbury Road, Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia. Also served in WWII.

Bromley, Samuel Francis –

Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Bromley, of 72, Wigan Road, Deane, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Ada Adelaide Bromley (nee Alsop), of Boundary Road, New Glenelg, South Australia, Australia.

Brooks, John Robert –

Nephew of James Davis, of Withington Street, East Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and of Mrs. E. Brady, of The Parsonage, Pyramid Hill, Victoria, Australia. Attached 1st Field Company, Engineers, at time of death.

Broughton, Thomas –

Son of Alfred Broughton, of Australia, and of Mrs. Broughton, of 10, Chapel Place, Barton-on-Irwell, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Reported wounded and missing after the engagement of 08/08/1915 and subsequently presumed killed.

Brown, Bertie –

Youngest son of Enoch and Eliza Brown, of 53, Ringley Old Brow, Stoneclough, Lancashire, and formerly of 324, Cinderhill, Outwood, Lancashire. Died at 15th Australian Field Ambulance from shrapnel wounds to the head.

Brown, George –

Husband of Eva Elizabeth Brown, of Foleyville, York Street, Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia. Formerly 55th Bn., A.I.F.

Bury, William –

Son of William and Sarah Ann Bury, of 176 Waterloo Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Theresa Annie Bury, of Taylor Street, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Wounded by shrapnel in France 05/08/1916 in the left ankle, left hip, ribs and right arm, and died due to wounds and pulmonary embolism at Lord Derby War Hospital, Winwick, Warrington.