Regiment: Hampshire Regiment

Mellor, Benjamin Charles –

Son of the late Lewis and Mary Mellor, of Maresfield Park and Hartfield, Sussex. Served with the 2nd Bn. in South Africa, Mauritius, and India.

Owen, William –

Of 15, Harrison Street, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire. Enlisted May 1915.

Russell, James Henry –

Of 2, Gray Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Interred 14/04/1917 in Bolton (Heaton) Cemetery in grave CE. 3. U9. 85&95.

Smithie, Thomas –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Smithie, of Dene Bank, Hawkshaw, Lancashire. Formerly 20714, 11th Reserve Cavalry Regiment.

White, Oliver –

Son of Oliver George and Margaret White, of Weaste, Salford, Lancashire.

Whittam, Arthur –

Son of John and Nancy Towers, of 94, Rossall Street, Pendleton, Lancashire. Formerly 22347, Reserve Cavalry Regiment.

Wilson, John Henry –

Son of John Henry and B. Wilson; husband of Annie Wilson, of Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Royal Armoured Corps.

Wynne, John –

Husband of Ellen Wynne, of 10, Allen Street, Salford, Lancashire. Formerly 17/48949, Cheshire Regiment.