Regiment: Pioneer Corps

Sprout, Henry –

Son of William and Mary Emma Sprout, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Margaret Sprout, of 24, Salisbury Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Wounded 25/09/1943.

Walmsley, Arnold –

Son of Norman and Elizabeth Ann Walmsley, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Bessie Walmsley, of Tonge, Bolton, Lancashire. Also reported as Arnold WALLANISTY and Arnold WARMSLEY in local newspaper.

Walton, Albert Edward –

Son of William and Lily Millar Walton, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Elizabeth Walton, of Salford, Lancashire.

Wiggins, Leslie –

Son of William E. Wiggins and Emily Wiggins, of Salford, Lancashire. Attached East African Military Labour Corps.

Wright, Thomas –

Son of James and Elizabeth Wright; husband of May Wright, of Bolton, Lancashire.