Regiment: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Acton, Dennis –

Son of James Ernest and Jane Acton, of Worsley, Lancashire; husband of Jean Acton, of Swinton, Lancashire.

Alldred, Thomas –

Son of William and Ellen Alldred; husband of Annie Alldred, of Leigh, Lancashire.

Allen, James Eric –

Son of William Henry and Sarah Agnes Allen; husband of Vera Margaret Allen, of Monton Green, Eccles, Lancashire.

Anderson, Robert Joseph –

Son of Charles and Sarah Agnes Anderson, of Pendlebury, Lancashire; husband of Magdalen Anderson, of Peasley Cross, St. Helens, Lancashire.

Ankers, Edward –

Son of Edwin and Sarah Jane Ankers, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Edith Ankers, of Seedley, Salford, Lancashire.

Atherton, William –

Husband of Mrs. Atherton, of Englefield, Junction Road, Lostock, Bolton, Lancashire. An old boy of the Bolton Church Institute. Died as a POW in camp in Java.

Atherton, James Lever –

Son of Stanley and Mary L. Athertonl husband of Florence Enid Atherton, of South Croydon, Surrey.