Regiment: Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Adams, Samuel –

Husband of Sarah Adams (nee Warburton), of 2, Chadwick Street, Little Lever, Lancashire. Enlisted November 1915.

Allanson, John Francis –

Son of William and Hannah Allanson. Of 246, Ashfield Road, Rochdale, Lancashire. Enlisted May 1915. Served in Egypt. Surname reported as ALLINSON in BJ&G.

Allsopp, Thomas Oswald –

Son of Sarah Allsopp. Of 37, Halstead Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted July 1915. Served in the Balkans.

Almond, Frederick Henry –

Eldest son of Alfred and Ada Almond of 133, Queensgate, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 20, Woodfield Street, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire.

Alston, Leonard –

Son of William James Alston and of Harriet Alston, of Witchford, Cambridgeshire, and formerly of 19, Kendal Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Of 8, The Grove, Radcliffe Road, Bolton, Lancashire. An old boy of the Bolton Church Institute. Formerly employed as a librarian. Drowned in the River Severn.

Anderton, Robert –

Son of William and Margaret Anderton, of Hindsford, Atherton, Lancashire; husband of Thelma Olive Anderton, of Hindsford, Atherton, Lancashire.

Armstrong, Joseph –

Son of Joseph and Mary E. Armstrong, of 28, Percy Street, Bury, Lancashire. Enlisted November 1915.

Ball, Samuel –

Brother of Mary Ann Hardman, of Mather Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire. Enlisted from 9, Mytham Road, Little Lever, Lancashire. Formerly a Blacksmith.

Bateson, Norman Hector –

Son of William and Alice Jane Bateson, of Westhoughton, Lancashire; husband of Fanny Bateson, of Westhoughton, Lancashire. Attached 85 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Baxendale, Leo Joseph –

Son of Thomas Michael and Agnes Mary Baxendale, of 86, Nottingham Street, Bolton, Lancashire. An old boy of Bolton Municipal Secondary School. Enlisted August 1914. Died after undergoing an operation at Southwark Military Hospital.

Biker, Thomas William –

Son of Edward and Mary Biker, of 525, Halliwell Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Served in Egypt. Address on discharge 39, Wilton Street, Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire.

Birchall, William –

Son of William Paterson Birchall and Mary Elizabeth Birchall, of Higher Irlam, Lancashire. Formerly Royal Artillery.

Bleakley, Harry –

Son of James and Ellen Bleakley. Of 4, Beresford Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted May 1915.

Bleazard, James –

Son of Robert and Margaret Bleazard, of 255, Bolton Road, Bury, Lancashire.