Regiment: Royal Artillery

Addis, Myer –

Son of Isaac and Rose Addis, of Broughton, Salford, Lancashire.

Ainsworth, James Edward –

Son of James Edward and Jane Ainsworth, of Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Emily Ainsworth, of Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire.

Ainsworth, Charles J –

Son of Percy and Alice Maud Ainsworth; husband of Daphne Ainsworth, of Humphrystown, County Wicklow, Eire.

Aldred, Harry –

Son of John and Betsy Aldred, of Little Hulton, Lancashire; husband of Betsy Aldred, of Little Hulton, Lancashire.

A’Lee, Eric Curtis –

Son of William Thomas and Catherine A’Lee, of Walton, Liverpool, Lancashire; husband of Joan A’Lee, of Castle, Northwich, Cheshire.

Allen, John –

Son of William Allen, and of Martha E. Allen, of Darwen, Lancashire.

Allen, John –

Son of John and Martha Allen; husband of Rose Allen, of Lower Broughton, Salford, Lancashire.

Anderson, Albert –

Son of William and Rebecca Anderson, of Atherton, Lancashire; husband of Eva Anderson, of Leigh, Lancashire.

Asten, Harry –

Son of Henry and Ethel Asten, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Elizabeth Asten, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Bailey, Fred –

Son of Fred and Nancy Bailey; husband of Lily Bailey, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Baines, David –

Son of David and Eliza Baines; husband of Mary Baines, of Hindley, Lancashire.