Regiment: Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Murray, Leslie –

Son of James William and Elizabeth Murray; husband of Margery Marie Murray, of Marton Moss.

Nicholson, Joseph –

Son of David and Sarah Nicholson; husband of Marian Nicholson, of 487, Lynton Road, Morris Green, Bolton, Lancashire.

Palmer, Bennett –

Son of Bennett and Maria Frances Palmer, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Ida Palmer, of Salford, Lancashire.

Parker, Harry –

Son of J. T. Parker and Ann Parker, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Edna Parker, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Parker, John Allen –

Son of John Norris Parker and Nora Adelaide Parker; husband of Mary Parker, of Kearsley, Lancashire. An old boy of Farnworth Grammar School (1931 – 37).

Shorrocks, Herbert –

Son of Joseph James Shorrocks and Elizabeth Shorrocks; husband of Amy Shorrocks, of Northenden, Lancashire.

Simpson, George –

Son of John Ker Simpson and Henrietta Simpson; husband of Eveline Simpson, of Salford, Lancashire. Held A.B.A. Light-Heavyweight Championship. Formerly Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

Smith, Frank –

Son of John Richard and Annie Smith, of Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire.

Walker, Robert –

Son of John Thomas Walker and Catherine Walker, of Salford, Lancashire; husband of Ellen Walker, of Salford, Lancashire.

Weston, Robert –

Son of Robert and Margaret Weston, of 1, West Drive, Swinton, Lancashire.