Regiment: Royal Engineers

Abbott, John William –

Son of Mary Abbott, of 26, Frances Street, Hindley, Lancashire. Previously enlisted at Bolton in August 1915, 5th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Re-enlisted Manchester Regiment, transferred to 25th Bn., King’s Liverpool Regiment, and subsequently to Royal Engineers. Home service only.

Abbott, Thomas –

Husband of Hettie Abbott (nee Gray), of 26, Northern Grove, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted May 1915.

Abrahams, Ernest –

Son of Thomas Abrahams; husband of Hannah Abrahams, of 10, St. George’s Avenue, Hulme, Lancashire.

Adamson, George –

Son of George and Mary Adamson; husband of Sarah Jane Adamson, of 20, Burton Street, Folds Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Native of Manchester. Formerly in the employ of the Bolton Corporation. Enlisted September 1914. Formerly 16736, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Adamson, John –

Husband of Edith Emily Adamson (nee Bateman), of 10, Whittaker Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted August 1915 as Private 209, 2nd/12th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and discharged as medically unfit 25/08/1916. Re-enlisted into Royal Engineers.

Aikin, Arthur –

Son of William and Margaret Hannah Aikin, of Manchester, Lancashire.

Ainscow, Herbert Granville Winnard –

Son of Albert Edward and Ada Ainscow, of Ivy Cottage, Heysham, Morecambe, Lancashire. Nephew of Ellen Ainscow, of 66, Brighton Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Private 63987, 105th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Ainsworth, John –

Husband of Lilly Ainsworth (nee Lindow), of 25, St. Thomas Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 226774, Royal Engineers.

Akister, Frank –

Son of Maria Akister, of 2, Church Street, Pendleton, Lancashire, and the late John Akister. Formerly Private 1993, Lancashire Fusiliers; formerly 3169, Royal Engineers. In Egypt.

Alder, William Jonathan –

Husband of Caroline Mary Alder (nee Ball), of 10, Argyle Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 277, Waterloo Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Sapper 122336, Royal Engineers.

Aldous, Fred –

Husband of Alice Ann Aldous (nee Hampson), of 451, Bury Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 220569, Royal Engineers.

Aldred, Alfred –

Husband of Lilley Aldred, of 1, Glendore, Weaste, Salford, Lancashire. Previous service in 4th Bn., King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, discharged time expired 16/08/1904.

Aldred, Fred –

Husband of Mary Aldred (nee Crowther), of 16, Glenburn Street, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 241043, Royal Engineers.

Aldred, Norman –

Son of John Robert and Jane Ellen Aldred, of 179, Hughes Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Annie Aldred (nee Hatton). Formerly Sapper 270128, Royal Engineers; Private 4493, 2nd/7th Bn., Royal Welch Fusiliers; Private 38135, 16th Bn., King’s Liverpool Regiment.

Aldred, Thomas –

Son of Joseph Aldred, of 10, Howcroft Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Beatrice Aldred, of 109 Windley Street, Mill Hill, Bolton, Lancashire. Previous enlistment at Bolton on 04/02/1915 as Private 20278 in 15th Bn., Welsh Regiment, and discharged 20/04/1915 as medically unfit. Re-enlisted as Pioneer 241046, Royal Engineers.

Aldred, William –

Husband of Minnie Aldred (nee Alston), of 18, Peabody Street, Weaste, Salford, Lancashire. Later of 23, Regent Street, Eccles, Lancashire.

Allcock, Alex William –

Son of Charles Henry and Alice Allcock (nee Moores), of 27, Charles Street, Pendleton, Lancashire. Suffered malaria whilst serving in Salonika.