Regiment: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Edwards, Clifford –

Son of Jonathan and Hannah Edwards; husband of Norah Edwards, of Swinton, Lancashire.

Finley, William –

Husband of Ann Finley (nee Hayes), of 114, Peel Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Previously enlisted as Private 17430 on 02/11/1914 at Farnworth, 7th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and discharged 02/12/1914 as not likely to become an efficient soldier. Formerly 8th Bn., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Wounded and captured prisoner of war 23/03/1918 and repatriated 05/12/1918.

Foley, Timothy –

Of 2, Middle Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted June 1915. St. Gregory’s R.C. Church, Farnworth.

Frain, Thomas –

Of 2, Bird Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted July 1915. Formerly Private 265077, 1st/12th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Hankinson, Harry –

Son of Isaac and Theresa Hankinson, of 85, School Hill, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1916. Formerly Private 203921, 5th Bn., King’s Liverpool Regiment. Caught aged 19 as an absentee from Heaton Park since 27/01/1918 appearing before Bolton Magistrates 28/01/1918 to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/29).

Holt, Alfred –

Son of Sarah Holt; husband of Emma Holt, of 15, Seimens Street, Horwich, Lancashire. Previously served in the South African Campaign as Private 7605, 1st Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Enlisted 18/08/1914 as Private 2414, 4th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, and discharged 31/12/1914 as medically unfit.

Hulme, Fred –

Son of Joseph and Selina Hulme, of 4, Barton Street, Farnworth, Lancashire, and formerly of 6, Mathers Court, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted February 1917. Formerly 32783, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Hulme, Frederick –

Husband of Emily Mason (formerly Hulme) of 19, Lower Street, New Bury, Farnworth, Lancashire. Of 13, Bridgewater Street, Farnworth, Lancashire.

Hunt, John –

Of 4, Arthur Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted August 1915.

Hunt, William –

Of 33, Bridgewater Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915.

Ionn, Archibald Chester –

Son of Alfred Arthur and Amelia Blanchard Ionn (nee Crawley); husband of Mary Ionn (nee Hardman), of 50, Daisy Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly a tram driver. Previous service as Sergeant 6363, 5th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers in the South African Campaign, enlisted 25/10/1899. Formerly Private 13055, 18th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers.

Kelsey, Joseph –

Son of Charles and Mary Ann Kelsey, of 53, Hough Lane, Lower Broughton, Lancashire. Formerly 7076, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Knight, Edward –

Of 1, Nelson Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Wounded.