Regiment: Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Annis, Simon –

Son of Pete and Ann Annis; husband of Caroline Annis. Interred in Hollins Park Cemetery, Hollins Green, Warrington.

Bunney, Alexander –

Of Walshaw, Bury, Lancashire. A United States Air Force A-10 ‘Warthog’ tank-buster aircraft attacked two Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles of the 4th Armoured Brigade killing nine of the British troops inside including 7 Fusiliers, in an incident of ‘friendly fire’.

Emery, Tony Laurence David –

Son of Deborah Emery. Resided in Great Lever and Westhoughton, Lancashire. Killed in a Road Traffic Accident on the A666, Bolton.

Traynor, Donald –

Killed by an IRA booby trap bomb at Ballygaran. Interred in Swinton Cemetery.