Regiment: Scots Guards

Alker, James –

Husband of Mrs. Alker, of 65, Church Street, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Wounded 14/04/1918, noted as ‘contusion of chest’ and medal and silver badge records.

Carroll, James –

Son of John and Margaret Carroll; husband of Anne Carroll, of Salford, Lancashire.

Clegg, Jacob –

Son of the late Thomas and Mary Clegg; husband of Ruth Clegg, of 6, Howard Avenue, Kearsley, Lancashire, formerly of Lever Grove, Bolton, Lancashire. Police Constable 63 of the Bolton County Borough Police prior to being called out for military service on 06/08/1914. (Bolton Archives: ABJ/222/133). Reported missing and later presumed killed.

Crook, Harry –

Son of Henry and Mary Ann Crook, of 6, Wynne Street, Bolton, Lancashire.

Fenney (Fenny), Harry –

Son of Alexander and Martha Ann Fenney; brother of Frank Fenney, of 3, Holt Street, Clifton, Lancashire. Of Melbourne Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire. Wounded by gunshot to the thighs. Captured prisoner of war February 1915. Family surname sometimes also recorded as FENNY.

Foster, James –

Son of Mrs. Foster, of 1, Victor Street, Bolton, Lancashire. In a Leicester hospital in March 1918, where he gave a pint and a half of blood he held a wounded comrade.

Hamer, Fred –

Son of James Hamer of 15, Darley Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and the late Jane Hamer (nee Mead); husband of Ruby Elizabeth Ellen Hamer (nee Bickley), of 13, Colville Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, Warwickshire. Wounded by gas 25/07/1917.

Hardman, Harry –

Son of William and Nancy Hardman, of 611, Halliwell Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly a forgeman employed at Barrow-in-Furness. Enlisted February 1916. Reported in BJ&G to be on the Clarendon Street Council School Roll of Honour.

Hargreaves, James –

Son of the late John Thomas and Alice Hargreaves, of 20, Lee Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Caught as an absentee from Wellington Barracks, London since 23/06/1916 appearing before Bolton Magistrates 27/06/1916 to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/27).

Haslam, Frank –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haslam, of 1 Mount Street, Horwich, Lancashire. Formerly employed at Horwich Loco Works.

Hurst, Herbert H –

Brother of Lizzie Hurst, of 57, Egerton Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Died at Modder River, South Africa.

Lawton, James –

Son of Simeon and Lena Lawton, of 10, Marsh Court, Farnworth, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Lawton, of 13, Kearsley Hall Road, Stoneclough, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1916.

Longworth, Joseph –

Son of Mrs. Longworth, of 2, Hodgkiss Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Wounded in the left leg at Ypres.