Regiment: Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's)

Ashworth, Fred –

Son of Henry A. and Mary A. Ashworth, of 8, Lily Street, Lower Broughton, Lancashire. Formerly 5522, Cheshire Regiment.

Bealey, Adam Crompton –

Second son of Mr. A. C. Bealey, of the Manor House, Bury, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Bealey. Wounded during the attack upon Gaza 22/11/1917.

Bratby, William –

Son of William Thomas and Margaret Bratby; husband of Elizabeth Bratby, of 44, Walter Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Caught as an absentee from 3rd Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment at Doverhurst, Essex since 25/11/1916 appearing before Bolton Magistrates 11/12/1916 to be sent back to his unit under escort. (Bolton Archives: JBO/1/27). Formerly Private 12533, 8th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Hardman, –

Of Church Street, Ainsworth, Lancashire. Wounded and in hospital at Halifax.

Hurst, A –

Husband of Mrs. Hurst, of 4, Abbott’s Court, Farnworth, Lancashire. Brother of the late Private William Hurst, of 20, Conway Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Enlisted March 1918. Gassed on 01/09/1918 and hospitalised at Nottingham.

Knowles, Ellis –

Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Anne Knowles, of 39, Wentworth Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 3493, West Cumberland Yeomanry. Killed by the bursting of a shell.

Large, W –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Large, of 31, New Lane, Winton, Lancashire. Prisoner of war since July 1917.

Pearse, Harry –

Service number incorrectly recorded as 30686 on SDGW – verified as 39686 by Medal Card and SDGW. Interred Peshawar (Right) B.C. XXV. 732.

Peppin, Albert Victor –

Son of Peter and Sarah Jane Peppin, of Salford, Lancashire. Formerly 3145, Wiltshire Regiment; formerly Private 291186, 2nd Bn., Welsh Regiment.

Redford, Frank –

Husband of Henrietta Redford (nee Hulton), of 15, Brandon Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 6, West Bank Street, Hindsford, Atherton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1914. His brother also served as a Sergeant.

Royle, Harry –

Son of George Royle. Of 61, Liverpool Street, Salford, Lancashire. Christ Church. Formerly 5674, Cheshire Regiment.

Smith, John Richard –

Son of Mrs. Cooper, of 5, Edward Street, Swinton, Lancashire. Known locally as Dick Cooper. Formerly 46628, South Lancashire Regiment.

Thicknesse, John Audley –

Son of the Right Rev. Dr F. H. Thicknesse, D.D., late Bishop of Leicester, and formerly vicar of Deane, and of Anne Thicknesse; husband of Phyllis Margaret Thicknesse, of Bishops Hull, near Taunton. Also previously served on the North-West Frontier of India and in the South African War.