Warren, George –

Son of John Warren, gardener of Garden Cottage, Children’s Home, Edgworth, Crowthorn, Turton, Lancashire, and Mary Warren (nee Marsh). Formerly 43997, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Westby, Thomas –

Husband of Jane Westby (nee Caldwell), of 4, Manchester Road, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Of 16, Smithy Street, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Enlisted February 1915.

Whitworth, James –

Son of Alfred and Emma Whitworth (nee Houlder), of 3, Osborne Grove, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 89, Elgin Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Killed by a sniper. His brother Alfred also served in the Border Regiment.

Wigglesworth, James Stephen –

Husband of Esther Wigglesworth, of 35, Brancker Street, Chequerbent, Westhoughton, Lancashire. Reported wounded and captured, subsequently presumed killed.

Wildman, John –

Son of John Thomas and Mary Wildman (nee Eckersley), of Lea Farm, Highfield, Farnworth, Lancashire. Recorded as John William Wildman in F&WJ. Memorial in Farnworth (St. James) Churchyard.

Wilkinson, Harry –

Son of Annie Wilkinson, of 296, Hornby Street, Bury, and the late George Wilkinson.

Wilkinson, Thomas –

Son of John Thomas Wilkinson and the late Rachel Wilkinson (nee Paulden); brother of Charles Wilkinson, of 22, Villiers Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Resided at 17, Heywoods Hollow, Astley Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly served 5 years as a Stoker in the Royal Navy. Enlisted August 1914.

Williams, Albert Edward –

Son of Richard Williams and Margaret Elizabeth Williams (nee Beddow); husband of Annie Williams (nee Harris), of 16, Radcliffe Road, Haulgh, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly of 66, George Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted December 1914.

Wolstencroft, Samuel –

Son of Thomas and Emily Wolstencroft (nee Fletcher), of 30, Oak Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. Formerly 11669, 6th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Incorrectly recorded as WOLSONCROFT on CWGC and local newspapers.

Wood, Robert –

Son of Edward and Nancy Ellen Wood (nee Faulkner), of 99, Bank Terrace, Radcliffe Road, Darcy Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted December 1914.

Wood, Fred –

Son of Mrs. E. J. Wood, of 39, Andrew Street, Bury, Lancashire, and the late Fred Wood.

Woodall, William Henry –

Son of William and Elizabeth Woodall (nee Waddicar), of Canada Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Mary Elizabeth Woodall (nee Hardman), of 4, Tonge Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Originally reported missing, later presumed killed. Reported as WOODHALL in F&WJ.

Worsley, John –

Son of John and Mary Anne Worsley (nee Morley), of 114, Blackburn Road, Bolton, Lancashire.

Worsley, John William –

Son of Robert and Emma Worsley (nee Ridings), of 256, Lever Street, Bolton, Lancashire; brother of Elizabeth E. Moss (nee Worsley), of 23, Smith Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Returned from Canada to enlist. Reported missing and subsequently presumed killed.

Yates, Tom Fletcher –

Son of John and Mary Yates (nee Fletcher), formerly of 102, Stand Lane, Radcliffe, Lancashire.

Yates, Herbert –

Son of the late William Yates, and of Alice Yates (nee Rose); husband of Mary Ellen Yates (nee Carson), of 20, Haigh Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and later of 49, Union Road, Tonge Moor, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted August 1914. Posted missing since 09/08/1915. Two brothers also served.

Yates, Moses –

Husband of Sarah Jane Yates, of 135, Cemetery Road, Kearsley, Lancashire, and formerly of 34, Macdonald Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. Returned from America to rejoin his regiment as a reservist at the outbreak of war. Died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen, received in the Dardanelles, but died shortly after arrival at hospital in Alexandria.