Ainsworth, John Edwin (Jack) –

Son of John and Alice Ainsworth, of 18, Chaucer Street, Brownlow Fold, Halliwell, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly 7997, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Died at a casualty clearing station from wounds in both legs and chest.

Ainsworth, William –

Son of Priscilla Ainsworth, of 4, Chapel Street, Belmont, Lancashire. Formerly Private 7914, 4th/5th Bn., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Ainsworth, William –

Son of the late Mrs. Ainsworth, of Marylands, Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Bertha A. Ainsworth, of 1, Stanley Road, Hastings, Sussex, and formerly of Oakfield, Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire. An old boy of Bolton Grammar School (1888-1889).

Airey, Herbert –

Son of Thomas Henry and Emily Airey (nee Carter), of 85, Eskrick Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Bertha Airey (nee Williams), of 7, Howarth Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 41, Bullock Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1915.

Allen, Thomas –

Husband of Matilda Allen (nee Slater), of 5, Milner Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Called up March 1917. Posted missing since 30/11/1917 and subsequently presumed killed. Brother-in-Law William Slater served in France.

Allsop, Frank –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Allsopp, of 71, Wentworth Street, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Mary Allsop, of 19, Sutcliffe Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted August 1914. Reported missing since 30/11/1917. Previous service in the South African Campaign. Posted missing since 30/11/1917 and subsequently presumed killed.

Almond, James –

Son of Thomas and Sophia Almond, of 189, Willows Lane, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1915. Formerly 6782, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Angwin, Alfred –

Youngest son of Mr. Claude Angwin of the Lostock Industrial School, and of Mrs. Harriet Angwin, of 342, Deane Church Lane, Deane, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed as a compositor for Messrs. Tillotson and Son. Enlisted January 1915.

Archer, Harry –

Son of the late Thomas and Hannah Jane Archer, of 8, Mill Lane, Horwich, Lancashire.

Ashton, Harold –

Son of James Ashton, of 1, Back Nelson Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Of 303, Bolton Road, Kearsley, Lancashire.

Ashworth, Walter –

Son of John and Martha Ashworth, of 11, Hogkiss Street, Farnworth, Lancashire. Attached Royal Engineers.

Ashworth, William –

Son of Mrs. Ashworth, of 18, Darley Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed at Horwich Loco Works. Taken prisoner of war of the Germans 30/11/1917 at Cambrai and died from wounds the following February. His father and brother both also served in the Army.

Ashworth, Arthur –

Son of John William and Richander Ashworth, of 28, Moorfield Grove, Tonge Moor, Bolton, Lancashire.

Aspinall, Giles –

Son of Mrs. Aspinall, of 41, Longfield Road, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted June 1915.

Astley, Fred –

Son of Simeon and Elizabeth Alice Astley, of 18, Mitre Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Died at 18th General Hospital, Camiers.

Astley, James Edward –

Son of William and Hannah Astley. Of 7, McKean Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted June 1915. Recorded in newspaper as Edward Astley. His brother Fred also served.

Atherton, Joseph –

Husband of Annie Atherton, of 52, Settle Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Previous service of 4 years in the 3rd East Lancashire Brigade, Royal Field Artillery and discharged as time-expired. Formerly Private 4445, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Atherton, Richard –

Husband of Mrs. Atherton, of 131, Cemetery Road, Kearsley, Lancashire. Previously served in the South African Campaign.

Bailey, Harold Whinnett –

Partner of Bertha Toft, of 151-153, Derby Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Private 6699, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Reported missing since 30/11/1917 and subsequently presumed killed.

Bailey, Stanley –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey, of 116, Hall Lane, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. Memorial in Farnworth Cemetery.