Greenhalgh, John –

Husband of Mrs. Greenhalgh, of 77, Ellesmere Road, Morris Green, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1914. Invalided to Leeds Hospital with frostbite in November 1915.

Hadfield, James –

Son of Robert and Nancy Hadfield, of 230, St. Helens Road, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Hadfield (nee Warbrick), of 17, Thorn Street, Bolton, Lancashire. One of 48 St. John Ambulance men who left Bolton for Tipperary on 29/11/1915. One of the survivors of the Arcadian, torpedoed on 15/04/1918. Died of Typhus in Jerusalem. Five brothers also served.

Hadfield, Herbert –

Son of Robert and Nancy Hadfield, of 230, St. Helens Road, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Reported missing since 11/04/1917 and subequently presumed killed. Youngest of six soldier brothers.

Hamer, William H –

Son of William Hardman Hamer and Gertrude Hamer, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Florrie Hamer, of Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire.

Hardy, Henry (Harry) –

Son of George Hardy, of 28, Woodbine Road, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Joined the Lancashire Fusiliers October 1917.

Haslam, Frederick –

Son of James Edwin and Bessie Ellen Haslam, of 49, Tudor Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire.

Hayes, Herbert –

Son of L. G. and May Hayes, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Lucy M. Hayes, of Bolton, Lancashire.

Hickson, Samuel –

Son of Alfred and Mary Ann Hickson, of 195, Morris Green Lane, Bolton, Lancashire.

Higson, Arnold –

Son of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Higson, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Ada Higson, of Morris Green, Bolton, Lancashire.

Higson, Herbert –

Son of Mrs. Higson, of 524, Lever Edge Lane, Middle Hulton, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1917. Formerly 45897, Lancashire Fusiliers. Wounded in the arm and leg 27/04/1918 and died following surgery.

Holt, Albert –

Son of John and Maggie Holt, of 70, Blackledge Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire.

Hornby, James Albert –

Son of Albert Edward and Mary Hornby, of 11, Sloane Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 68, Morris Green Lane, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted April 1917.

Howarth, John –

Son of Henry and Elizabeth E. Howarth; husband of Irene Marice Howarth, of Kensington, London. An old boy of Thornleigh Salesian College. Attached 7th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry.

Husband, Edward Henry Harold (Ted / Teddie) –

Son of Edward Ernest and Elizabeth Mary Husband, of 2, Fair Street, Morris Green, Bolton, Lancashire. A true and faithful Soldier of our Lord and an earnest Soulwinner of the Salvation Army.

Leach, John –

Husband of Mary Jane Leach (nee Evans), of 112, Morris Green Lane, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire.