Allen, Frank Bernard –

Son of Albert and Elizabeth Ann Allen, of 78, Park Street, Peel Green, Patricroft, Lancashire.

Ashworth, Percy Mills –

Son of Catherine Ashworth, of 210, Parrin Lane, Winton, Patricroft, Lancashire, and the late John Ashworth.

Carter, Bertram –

Son of Richard and Mary Ellen Carter, of King William Street, Winton, Eccles, Lancashire.

Clunie, Arthur –

Son of John and Ada Clunie, of 47, Catherine Street, Winton, Lancashire. Recorded as CLUINE on SDGW. Formerly 70009, 106th Training Reserve Bn..

Coward, Albert –

Son of Albert and Margaret Coward, of 198, Parrin Lane, Winton, Patricroft, Lancashire. Formerly 8926, Royal Field Artillery.

Ellis, Thomas George Rowland –

Only son of George Rowland Ellis and Ellen Ellis, of Worsley, Lancashire. Born at Beccles, Suffolk. Volunteered in 1915. Was in France only 17 days.

Frith, John Douglas –

Son of Marion Helen Rankin (formerly Frith), of Boundary Cottage, Worsley Road, Farnworth, Lancashire, and the late Edward Frith.

Hamer, Samuel –

Son of George and Sarah Hamer, of Parrin Lane, Monton, Eccles, Lancashire; husband of Kate Mitchell (formerly Hamer), of 6, Caledon Road, East Ham, London, and formerly of 436, Liverpool Road, Peel Green, Eccles, Lancashire.

Jones, Walter –

Son of Walter and S. A. Jones, of 148, Parrin Lane, Monton, Eccles, Lancashire. Formerly 26481, Manchester Regiment.

Longden, James –

Son of James and Harriet Longden. Born at Manchester, Lancashire. Attached 605th Mechanical Transport Company.

Lord, Harold –

Son of George and Minnie Lord, of 34, Parrin Lane, Monton, Eccles, Lancashire.

Parsons, Frederick Martin –

Son of Fred and Pollie Parsons, of 136, Anson Street, Monton Green, Eccles, Lancashire. Formerly 11904, Manchester Regiment. Attached 125th Trench Mortar Battery.