Scragg, James –

Husband of Mrs. Scragg, of 12, Elizabeth Street, Winton, Eccles, Lancashire.

Sheldon, Harry –

Son of John and Lucy Sheldon; husband of Gertrude Sheldon, of 14, Vicarage Terrace, Eccles, Lancashire.

Slinger, Frederick Wilby –

Son of Edward and Mary Ann Slinger; husband of Elizabeth Slinger, of 7, Cleavley Street, Winton, Patricroft, Lancashire. Formerly 6511, Highland Light Infantry.

Stead, Joseph Reid –

Son of Joseph and Maud M. Stead, of 413, Worsley Road, Winton, Patricroft, Lancashire.

Taylor, Percy –

Youngest son of John Edward and Mary Taylor; husband of Ethel Mary Taylor (nee Norris), of 166, Parrin Lane, Monton, Eccles, Lancashire. Formerly 202666, Yorkshire Regiment.

Thorley, Gerald –

Son of Frank and Sarah Thornley, of 220, Worsley Road, Winton, Eccles, Lancashire. Formerly 7242, Manchester Regiment.

Trenbath (nee Robinson), Hilda –

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Robinson, of Salford, Lancashire; wife of Lieutenant William Vernon Trenbath, of 78, Parrin Lane, Monton, Lancashire.

Wilkinson, David –

Son of Kate Wilkinson, of 2, The Intake, Ley Moor, Golcar, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and the late Richard Wilkinson. Of 243, Worsley Road, Winton, Eccles, Lancashire. Formerly 29061, 16th Training Reserve Bn.