Angwin, Alfred –

Youngest son of Mr. Claude Angwin of the Lostock Industrial School, and of Mrs. Harriet Angwin, of 342, Deane Church Lane, Deane, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly employed as a compositor for Messrs. Tillotson and Son. Enlisted January 1915.

Angwin, Victor –

Husband of Florrie Angwin, of 107, Clarence Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Attached 1st/2nd Bn., Monmouthshire Regiment.

Bailey, Carlton –

Son of Thomas and Sarah Bailey, of 18, Auburn Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Died in a base hospital in France of pneumonia.

Bamford, Edwin –

Son of Charles Bamford, of 85, Auburn Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Brother serving in the Bolton Artillery at Colchester at time death was reported in BJ&G.

Booth, Frank –

Son of Peter and Eliza Ann Booth, of 234, Settle Street, Great Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted September 1915.

Brindle, Herbert –

Only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brindle, of 50, Gilnow Road, Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Catherine Brindle. An old boy of Bolton Grammar School (1905-1906). Killed by a shell.

Brooks, Fred –

Son of the late Hamer and Alice Harriet Brooks, of 189, Derby Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted April 1916.

Brownson, Walter –

Son of Joseph and Sarah Brownson, of 30, Randal Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire.

Calvert, Arthur –

Son of the late James Walter Calvert and of Emma Calvert, of 5, Goldsmith Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly Welsh Regiment.

Calvert, William –

Son of the late James Walter Calvert and of Emma Calvert, of 5, Goldsmith Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly PS/8950, Royal Fusiliers.

Clegg, Alexander (Alec) –

Youngest of six sons of Samuel and Ellen Clegg (nee Caughey), of 20, Cobden Street, Halliwell, Bolton, Lancashire; brother of Detective Sergeant J. Clegg of the Bolton County Borough Police; and husband of Ellen Clegg, of 20 Cobden Street, Halliwell, Bolton, Lancashire. An old boy of Bolton Municipal Secondary School. A teacher before joining up.

Cook, Ernest –

Brother of Mrs. Albinson, of 131, Worsley Road, Little Hulton, Lancashire, and of Mrs. Agnes Ellen Bibby, of 14, Winter Street, Halliwell, Bolton, Lancashire. Surname also recorded as COOKE in local newspapers.

Cooper, Charles Gordon –

Son of James and E. Cooper, of 62, Essingdon Street, Bolton, Lancashire. A member of the Bolton Corps of the St. John Ambulance Brigade. Formerly in the service of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, at Bolton, Lancashire.

Cowburn, Harry –

Son of Elizabeth Ann Cowburn, of 44, Randal Street, Daubhill, Bolton, Lancashire, and the late John Cowburn.

Crossland, Richard –

Son of Herbert Crossland. An old boy of Bolton Grammar School (1908-1910). Enlisted September 1914. Reported missing since 20/07/1916 and subsequently presumed killed.

Durning, Robert –

Son of Robert and Margaret Durning (nee Grice), of 18, Grendon Street, Morris Green Lane, Bolton, Lancashire. Reported missing from Gallipoli 09/08/1915 and subsequently presumed killed.

Elliott, Joseph –

Son of Mr. J. Elliott, of 20, Durham Street, Blackburn Road, Bolton, Lancashire.