Regiment: King's Royal Rifle Corps

Baxter, Herbert –

Husband of Caroline Baxter, of 20, Deane Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Formerly M/315876, Royal Army Service Corps. Died from the effects of gas poisoning.

Berry, G –

Son of Mrs. Berry, of 144, Hall Lane, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancashire. Of 12, Devon Street, Farnworth, Lancashire.

Binns, William –

Son of William and Florence Binns; husband of Elizabeth H. F. Binns, of 249, Broadfield Road, Moss Side, Lancashire.

Birchall, William –

Son of William and Mary Birchall, of Bolton, Lancashire; husband of Eva Birchall, of 46, Durham Street, Bolton, Lancashire, and formerly of 7, Chester Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted January 1915. Formerly King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment?

Birmingham, Richard –

Son of Richard and Alice H. Birmingham. Of 108, Church Street, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancashire. Called to the colours as a reservist August 1914. Previously served in the South African Campaign. Formerly 1st Bn., King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

Blackledge, John –

Son-in-Law of Mr. and Mrs. Martin, of 4, Hilton Street, Farnworth, Lancashire.

Boardman, Edmund –

Son of Mr. Philip Boardman, of 2, Ethel Street, Deane Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1914. Formerly Royal Garrison Artillery.

Brannan, Charles –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Brannan, of 50, Eaton Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire. Enlisted August 1914. Wounde din the head in 1916. Reported missing since 30/11/1917.

Brannan, Thomas Henry –

Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Brannan, of 50, Eaton Street, Pendlebury, Lancashire; husband of Mrs. Brannan, of 12, Cross Street, Kearsley, Lancashire. Enlisted March 1915.

Bridge, William –

Son of John and Rachel Bridge; husband of Ellen Bridge, of 8, Gorsey Hill Street, Heywood, Lancashire. Enlisted October 1915. Formerly 910630, Royal Army Ordnance Corps.